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June 2022 Board Meeting Recap

June 2022 Board Meeting

You can find the agenda for the meeting here.

The board meeting video for each section of the agenda is linked below.

Commendation Awards

  • Postponed until July or August so that more students can attend and receive their recognitions.

Patron’s Comments on Educational Issues

Consent Agenda

  • ·         Included in the consent agenda is approval to receive funds from the Challenger Learning Center and meal prices for next year (the program for free lunches through the federal government has ended; prices are the same as previous years).

Action Items

  • Disposition of Obsolete Curricular Materials and Property – includes Language Arts items that are outdated and an old piano from MacArthur Elementary that was previously in storage.
  • CPHS Resource Adoption – textbook adoption for Language Arts, FACS, World Language, and trades classes. Mr. Hardman reviewed the process and frequency for textbook adoption at the high school.
  • Textbook Rental and Supply Fees for 2022-2023 Crown Point High School and Exceptional Education. Fees depend on what course a student is taking at the high school. For Exceptional Education, it is adopted/approved by grade level.

Policy Revisions and Additions

Information Items

  • Superintendent's Discussion Groups – none to report.
  • Director of Elementary Education – thank you to the elementary administrators for their dedication throughout the summer months. Special thank you to Cindy Wise, who is retiring this month. Her career has been full of service to students, teachers, and families.
  • Director of Secondary Education – thank you to secondary staff for their work during summer school with more than 1,000 students taking summer courses. Thank you to Mr. Marcinek and high school admin team for a great high school graduation ceremony, including Amy Helmuth who leads the planning and organizing.
  • Chief Academic Officer – this Friday the final results of iLearn will be posted online in RDS for parents.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – thank you to our many individuals who are involved in the hiring process this time of the year.
  • Business Office – no update.
  • Director of Communications – the next issue of the We Are CP newsletter will be in mailboxes the week of July 4th. We are also switching our mass messaging program to ParentSquare in the coming months.
  • Superintendent of Schools – another thank you to principal Cindy Wise on her many years of dedication and congrats on her retirement. Thank you to the many people in our buildings throughout the summer, especially with 6 of our schools undergoing major construction projects. Reminder that we have the State of the Schools address on July 13th.

Other Business of the Board

  • Reviewing architect's plans for the new concession area at Bulldog Park and the agreement with the city as we move forward.
  • The board received some emails about school safety after recent events in Uvalde, Texas. Mr. Warne asked Mr. Gianfermi and Mr. Equihua to review the safety procedures and training in the district.

Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Hoffman – acknowledge the wonderful golf outing with the football team earlier this month.
  • Mr. Angel – thank you to those behind the scenes who make sure everything runs smoothly, things that people aren’t aware of that happens every day. Many people don’t know how much work goes into running the school district for nearly 9,000 students.
  • Mr. Warne – graduation ceremony was great and ran extremely smooth.


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